If you like cheese, you are cool, you are not a fool. But if you like salami, Imma call you a tool. And only awesome people like ice cream, jelly beans, whipped cream, and possibly something green like jelly, which is totally fillin' ya belly. I just have baked beans that make my farts real smelly. When you're watching the telly and you got a fat belly - being lazy - Imma call ya Mr Fat Jelly coz Imma crazy for food. It puts me in a great mood. When I'm full, Imma say "yo, what's crackelackin', dude?" I'm bein' all nice 'n' kind. I hope you don't mind. And when I'm hungry, my anger 'n' depression will be a sign that you should back away or gimme somethin' to eat. Veggie or meat, it doesn't really matter to me. Something is better than nothing and that is okay. That's all I have to say. Adios, have a nice day.