In this article, you will read about the creation Morphopedia, who the first five Morphopedians were and how we all made contributions.
Morphopedian Logo

This is the Morphopedian Logo Version 1.

A lot of things in this article refer to another article called Freenode IRC, so if you haven't read that article yet, it is recommended that you read it before reading this one.

How it All Began

In early-2010 after Morpheus3000 made his first Freenode IRC channel, [ #Morph3000 ], he went looking for people to populate his channel. He wasn't very successful. At first, he got banned from from 7 channels for advertising his new channel. But with luck on his side, one user came... JoshuaP.

Morphopedian Logo - Version 2

This is the Morphopedian Logo Version 2.

JoshuaP and Morpheus3000 met in Morpheus3000's channel and soon after, became friends with him. After that, there was Dk_user and energY_. A month after energY_ came, JoshuaP introduced Ryder to us. Ryder was the most lively and energetic Morphopedian to live. Eventually, more and more people came to the channel and now there are at least 10 regular users in [ #Morph3000 ].

The Original Five Morphopedians

The Original Five Morphopedians (OFM) are the first Morphopedians in history. They were the original five people to form Morphopedia. Each Original Morphopedian plays a specific role in the MorphSociety.

  1. Morpheus3000 - Founder. The brains of the operation. Came up with the idea of Morphopedia.
  2. JoshuaP - Second in Command. The bot creator. Contributed more than any other Original Morphopedia... except for Morpheus3000, of course.
  3. Ryder - First Soldier of Morphopedia. Died for his country. Joined the U.S. Army, which resulted in Morpheus3000 establishing the Morphopedian Military.
  4. Dk_user - Officer. The most social one. Helped Morpheus3000 invent the religion of Morphopedia.
  5. energY_ - Fourth Original Morphopedian. Likes women, but shows it too much. Always makes troll-jokes about wanting to marry random women.

The Death of a Warrior

In mid-2010, Ryder went into the US Army and was sent to Afghanistan. He was shot to death by terrorists. In his honour, Ryder's channel, [ ##ryder ], was kept active by the channel's successor, Morpheus3000. Feel free to join that channel.