The Sword of Kings

Kings sword

This sword is the iconic blade wielded by Loto or Erdrick in the Dragon Quest trilogy.

You find the blade in Charlock Castle in Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II, and once you find the metal known as Oricon/Oriculhiulm in Dragon Quest III and sell it to an NPC in the town of Kol, it can be bought for a sizable sum of money.


  • In Dragon Quest III, the blade is known as the Sword of Kings.
  • In Dragon Quest Swords you make the blade by tempering a sword with other items. It teaches the Gigaslash master stroke.
  • It's made appearances in other RPGs, notably Final Fantasy XII, as the Wyrmhero Blade. It's one of the blades held by Gilgamesh.
  • You can also buy it as a Keychain from the Square-Enix store.

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