This is the front of the world's worst high school.

I hate my school. I'm sure that many people hate their school. And they have a right to. I hate school so much that I even wrote a rap about it.

I hate school. It's so motherf***ing boring.

If I stay here one more year, I'm gonna f***ing start snoring,

Getting my ass suspended, hoping life would end

And Imma be a total douchebag 'till I'm out of friends.

Then Imma hate all my teachers,

Give my blood to the leaches.

Imma go to a church and say "kill me" to a preacher

Coz I hate my life. I wanna motherf***ing die.

Would someone please dump some rat poison in my fries?

Okay, so I'm depressed.

Coz my life is a mess.

I'm tired of school. I just can't handle the stress.

I'm even worse at a test.

The stress is hurting my chest.

And I know the teachers couldn't really care much less

Because they hate me.

Only coz I like to disobey the

Principal. I swear that she's a female Hades.

She ain't no lady. She's a motherf***ing b****.

She's so damn ugly, I swear that she's a f***ing witch.