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MorphMail 3000

MorphMail 3000 is a mailing system created to help people communicate with other people in manner which does not involve face-to-face talking/contact/etc. Such method of communication is proven to be quite useful for people who live with live someone who they refuse to speak to. For example, siblings who fight a lot, a couple going through a negative phase, or roommates who have aggraveted each other.

MorphMail 3000 involves writing a message on a piece of paper and placing said paper in a plastic bag which is then hanged on the bedroom door handle of whomever the message is meant for.

MorphMail 3000 messages may include instructions, requests, references to the past, apologies, humour, drawings, gifts and money. MorphMail 3000 messages may be sent to both Morphopedians and regular people, and may also be sent by Morphopedians and regular people.

Raptor Morph (talk) 07:48, April 8, 2014 (UTC)