MorphServ3000 is a very useful part of our society. He is the services of Morphopedia. He makes alot of things able to be done. He is a supybot (yeah, I know. Supybots suck). He is on a lot. And when he's not, just wait for him. He has a ton of commands. To view them, type "!commands" then type "-more" 5 times. If he has any problems, please talk to JoshuaP or if he's not on, type "/msg memoserv send joshuap <message>" . JoshuaP runs MorphServ3000 from his system and he can fix any errors or kinks in him. MorphServ3000 can be your buddy in the Morphopedian Society. So if you have any questions about MorphServ3000, like when you have any other question, email Thank you and remember; have fun!