This is what parts of Hell look like from the distance.

Originally, demons populated the Earth, which at that time, shared the same name as our solar system, which was called Illyria. There has been evidence discovered that the creatures which mankind now know of as Dinosaurs were the first demons in creation, also known as the Leviathan. Only the carnivourous dinosaurs were demonic, but because God didn't like the fact that they were demons, most of them were banished to a different dimension (or multiple different dimensions) by members of an angelic species which humans have decided to call "Fairies". The remaining Leviathan on Earth were killed by archangels, who hurled a giant meteor at the Earth's surface, which had the following effect: the meteor's landing erupted several volcanoes around the world. The smoke of the erupting volcanoes combined with the dust cloud caused by the meteor's landing, made the atmosphere incapable of sustaining most land life, which caused most of the land life, including the Leviathan, to suffocate and die.

The Legend of Qekrzuv (Keh-Kra-Zuv)

After the Leviathan died, their souls were sent to a new form of inter-dimensional existence called Hell. Hell was designed for the continuous physical torture of any souls sent there. After a few centuries of torture, souls become poisoned by Hell's essence, turning them into Demonic Spirits. This was a result which God didn't expect. As a means of reducing the strain put on the angels who did the torturing, God decided to let the Demonic Spirits torture the souls which had yet to become Demonic Spirits.

After evolution continued and created a whole bunch of new species, God discovered that the archangel, Lucifer, was the on who corrupted the Leviathan with Demonic Essence. As a result of God's discovery, Lucifer was banished to Hell indefinitely.

While in Hell, Lucifer discovered that he was worshipped by the Demonic Souls of Hell. Lucifer took advantage of this by helping five Demonic Souls per century, escape Hell and enter Earth. He wanted these Souls to possess and corrupt the mortal creatures of Earth to avenge what God had done to him, which he believes was unjust.

A few thousand years after Lucifer was banished to Hell, his mind, body and soul became poisoned by Hell's essence. The sheer power within Hell's dimensional presence had transformed Lucifer the Archangel into Satan the Devil. After this transformation was complete, Satan had realised how much stronger he had become. To celebrate his new power, he decided to artificially create a new Demonic Soul named Cyalkullom (Sha-Ku-Lo). Shortly after its creation, Cyalkullom was released into the world of Illyria and possessed a wolf. The combination of Cyalkullom and the wolf created a new half-demon called Qekrzuv (Keh-Kra-Zuv) (Illyrian for "Hellhound").

Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters and Skinwalkers

When the first mammals evolved, some were possessed by Demonic Souls, the dead souls of multiple different demonic species. The wolf was one of the first creatures to be possessed by a Demonic Spirit. The evolutionary line of the wolf had two beginnings: the wolf (which, in time, evolved into more species, such as several dog breeds and the hyena) and the Qekrzuv (Illyrian for Hellhound).


This is what a Hellhound really looks like. Neat, huh?

The Qekrzuv was one of the deadliest of all demons at the time. It was a ferocious beast with practically unlimited power and was almost immortal. No demon, angel, or God could kill this creature. Satan theorised that the Qekrzuv's invincibility could prove problematic, so he gave the Qekrzuv (and many other demon species) and expiration date, so to speak, which is mentioned in the below features about the Qekrzuv.

1) It had the ability to change its shape into anything and be in complete disguise (this is referred to as 'shapeshifting') when it stalks its prey.

2) It had super-speed, super strength, supersonic hearing abilities, a venomous bite and a supersonic sense of smell (like a wolf, only its powers are almost god-like).

3) It lived for exactly 1000 years before dying of old age, it had supersonic night-vision, it fed on blood and was only able to die from old age. Nothing could kill it.

The Qekrzuv mated with a wolf who gave birth to a half-breed known as the Half-Hound. This creature was practically an insect compared to the Qekrzuv. A weapon made from pure silver could kill it, but only fire could kill it completely.

The Half-Hound mated with a wolf which ended up giving birth to three different demon-wolf species:

1) The Tal-Diagris (Illyrian for "Blood-sucking Wolf") (To kill them, set them on fire. Do not cut their head off because they'll just grow a new head and revert to being a Hellhound.),

2) The Gino-Diagris (Illyrian for "Disease Wolf") (To kill them, pierce them in the heart and/or brain with something made from silver) (Do not cut their head off because they'll just grow a new head and revert to being a Hellhound), and 

3) The Morphum-Diagris (Illyrian for "Shapeshifter Wolf") (To kill them, pierce them in the heart and/or brain with something made from silver) (Do not cut their head off because they'll just grow a new head and revert to being a Hellhound).


The Tal-Diagris was officially the first species of vampire that Satan created. It feeds on blood and sucks blood out of its prey until there isn't any left to drink. If a human becomes prey to this creature, the human will become what we call a "Turok-Han" (Illyrian for “Demonic Vampire”).

The makeup artists of the TV show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", were actually pretty accurate with the appearances of the Toruk-Han.

If the human by any chance isn't completely drained of his/her blood, a supernatural venom in the Tal-Diagris' bite will sire the human into what we just call a vampire. It wakes up as an undead bloodsucker the following night hours. This Vampire sires humans into its own kind by drinking their blood until they can feel their victim's heart-beat slowing down. Then they stop drinking and cut one of their own veins open and feed their own blood to the victim until the victim dies. The victim wakes up, a vampire the following night. To kill these Vampires, put a Holy stake through their heart, cut their head off with silver (if you don't you use silver, the vampire's body will change into a dog-like shape, a dog-like head will grow, and voila. We have a Tal-Diagris.), burn them with fire, or somehow, get them to drink holy water. Their main weakness is sunlight. Though sunlight won't always kill them, they can't stand being in it simply because it has a magical effect on them. Spending one second in sunlight is like getting a heat-stroke. And the more time they spend in the sunlight, the hotter it gets. If they are kept in the sun for too long, they'll catch on fire and turn to ashes. To keep them away, if you can't kill them, splash them with holy water, use a cross as repellant (only a cross that has been blessed by the Pope will work). This species of vampire has no specific name in the Illyrian language.

Unlike the Turok-Han and vampire, the Van-Tal (Illyrian for "Blood-sucking Human") are not undead. They're the first type of vampire who happen to have beating hearts. Some people have heard of a myth that all blue-eyed people are related. The reason for that is a long time ago, when Homo Sapiens were newly evolved humans, a vampire decided to sire a pregnant woman. The following night, this woman wakes up as an undead bloodsucker and is still pregnant. The baby is still alive because of the strength it received from the vampire blood that was fed to the baby's mother by the vampire sire. When the baby was born, it had blue eyes. It was the first near-human creature to have blue eyes. This Van-Tal is the reason that there are blue-eyed people. It mated with a human who ended up having blue-eyed kids. The breeding went on as the thousands of years went by. Today's blue-eyed people are all related to each other and their blue eyes are a sign that they have the potential to access their dormant Van-Tal abilities. However, as more blue-eyed people were breeding with non blue-eyed people, the Van-Tal bloodline became thinner. Van-Tal don't need drink blood in order to survive; they can easily survive off of human food. Van-Tal are easy to kill, as their DNA is mostly human. They can die pretty much any way that a human can. However, their advantages are super strength, super speed, and their 5 senses, which are multiplied by 150. They even have a 6th sense. It's a telepathic ability. They can sense when there's life forms in the area. They can also sense where the life form is.

Duraga-Tal (Illyrian for "Angelic bloodsuckers") are commonly known as the Illyrian Angels. They are the evolution of all Vampires. To kill these creatures, you need to be a Duraga-Tal yourself, or be an angel because only these two creatures have the power to kill Duraga-Tal.Certain types of demons can also kill Duraga-Tal. There's more information about them in this article.


The Gino-Diagris eats anything, but prefers to eat humans.

This is the Gino-Diagris. This wolf is a child of the half-Hound.

If it attacks a human, it never leaves the victim's heart behind, unless they want to turn the human into a werewolf. The Gino-Diagris carries a disease that can't be cured. Most people call it the "Werewolf Disease". It projects this disease into humans when biting them. If the human survives the attack, he/she will carry the Werewolf Disease (will be a Werewolf) for the rest of his/her life. He/she'll turn into his/her wolf form the night before, during and after that of a full moon.

This is a Werewolf. A human with the Werewolf Disease.

Once a human has transformed into his/her wolf form, they'll have no control over themselves, no memory of who they are and no humanity until they revert to their human form during the following sunrise. They kill when they are hungry and they bite people when they feel unsafe. The bitten people get the Werewolf Disease and become werewolves when the full moon "trio" happens. When werewolves breed with humans, the werewolf kids are always the same gender as the werewolf parent.


This is a werewolf. A human with the Werewolf Disease. This is what they look like in their wolf form.

To kill werewolves, you need to pierce silver through their heart and/or brain. Or just cut their head off. But only cut their head off in their human form. If you cut their head off in their wolf form, they'll just grow a new head and turn into a Gino-Diagris. These creatures have been extinct since the year 1769, due to a war they had with Duraga-Tal.


The Morphum-Diagris was the first demonic creature that was able to change what it looks like. It could change its appearance into any kind of creature. When one of these changed into a human being, it mated with another human and ended up having children. Some of these kids were born with green eyes. They were the first human-like creatures to have green eyes. These green-eyed "half-shifters" are only able to change their appearance into any other person that they want to look like. However, they have the Shifter's Gene, which makes them able to have green-eyed "half-shifter" kids.

Some "half-shifters" don't have green eyes. The brown-eyed "half-shifters" don't have the Shifter's Gene in them, so they can never have "half-shifter" kids. All "half-shifters" with brown eyes can only change their appearance from their normal human form into any animal form they desire.

Today’s green-eyed and hazel-eyed people have the Shifter's Gene in them.

Though these creatures are incredibly skilled fighters (both in armed and un-armed combat), the only way to kill them is with silver.


Back in the 11th to 15th Centuries, Werewolves and Shapeshifters were inter-breeding to create hybrid demons called Skinwalkers. These things can shapeshift at any time like all Shapeshifters (and some Werewolves), but the Werewolf DNA in them limited their transformations, so they can only turn into one animal.

When a Skinwalker changes shape for the first time, it doesn't control what it turns into. It'll turn into any random animal in existence. The writers of the Harry Potter series made an amazingly accurate example of Skinwalkers, but they stuffed up when they chose to call them Animagus creatures.

Just like Werewolves and Shapeshifters, silver's the only thing that can kill them. Just like Werewolves, Skinwalkers turn people into their own kind by biting them and just like Werewolves, their children are Skinwalkers, too. However, a Skinwalker's powers never manifest until after they hit puberty.

Skinwalkers would mate with humans in order to make more of their kind naturally (without biting any humans). However, the Skinwalker's Gene passed on through the generations was thinned out until only the hazel eyes remained. The chances of a hazel-eyed person developing their Skinwalker abilities are just as low as the chances of a blue-eyed person developing their Van-Tal abilities.

The only reason Werewolves have been considered to be extinct is because Skinwalkers are considered a species on its own. When they mate, they don't just pass on the Werewolf Gene; they also pass on the Shifter's Gene. Some ignorant humans used to call them, Hazel-Eyed Werewolves. Then the term, "Skinwalker", was created.

Skinwalkers have certain strengths:

  1. Super-speed - They can outrun a cheetah.
  2. Naturally strong - They can lift up a grown elephant at the age of 14.
  3. Super-hearing - They can hear a human's heartbeat from 130 yards away.
  4. Amazing sense of smell - They can smell anything within 7 miles of their location.

Beware; your pet dog, cat, goldfish, turtle, pig, cow, horse, etc. might be a Skinwalker. Your life could be in danger.

Other things you should know:

Hazel Eyes

  1. Hazel-eyed people either have the Skinwalker gene or the Half-Shifter gene. That fact that there are two possibilities makes it more difficult to tell which one they are.


  1. To change their appearance, brown-eyed "half-shifters" shed their old skin.
  2. Some green-eyed "half-shifters" keep the victim they look like alive in order to psychically "download" the victim's memories.
  3. Cutting the "half-shifters'" heads off with silver will kill them, but if you don't use silver, their heads will grow a new body within 30 seconds to 50 minutes and will then most likely kill you to avenge their old body.

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