Cheats for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne on PC are entered during game play.

To enter a code, during a game press Enter, type in one of the codes below, and press Enter again to activate the cheat's affect.

Here is a list of cheat codes that can be used in 'Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne'.

  • Invincibility And One-Hit Kills - Cheat code: whosyourdaddy
  • Infinite Mana - Cheat code: thereisnospoon
  • Continue Playing After Losing In Campaign Mode - Cheat code: strengthandhonor
  • Full Map - Cheat code: iseedeadpeople
  • Instant Victory - Cheat code: allyourbasearebelongtous
  • Instant Defeat - Cheat code: somebodysetusupthebomb
  • Your And Allies Heroes Are Level 10 - Cheat code: ihavethepower
  • Remove Spell Cool Down - Cheat code: thedudeabides
  • Disable Victory Conditions - Cheat code: itvexesme
  • Gold ; 500 is default - Cheat code: keysersoze [number]
  • Lumber ; 500 is default - Cheat code: leafittome [number]
  • Gold And Lumber ; 500 is default - Cheat code: greedisgood [number]
  • Fast Construction - Cheat code: warpten
  • Fast Death - Cheat code: iocainepowder
  • Removes Food Limit - Cheat code: pointbreak
  • Fast Research - Cheat code: whoisjohngalt
  • Upgrades - Cheat code: sharpandshiny
  • Tech Tree Unlocked - Cheat code: synergy
  • Set Time To Morning - Cheat code: riseandshine
  • Set Time To Evening - Cheat code: lightsout
  • Set Time Of Day - Cheat code: daylightsavings [hour]
  • Toggle Daylight Progression - Cheat code: daylightsavings
  • Trees Disappear - Cheat code: abrakadabra
  • Level Select - Cheat code: motherland [race] [level]

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